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A global leader in location intelligence!

Our innovative and disruptive software enables fast data analytics, mass communication, and AI-based decisions.

With our platform, private and public organizations turn activity and mobility data into actionable insights in the fields of public safety, contextual marketing, geolocated advertising, smart cities, and the management of connected object fleets (IoTs).

We have more than 100 clients in 80 countries that leverage the location of nearly one billion humans and connected objects.

We provide answers such as:
  • How can I effectively alert a population when an emergency arises?
  • How should I develop a new telco offer, based on my clients data?
  • How to anticipate on my customers needs, and personalize their experience?
  • How to develop new partnerships, with the precious and anonymous data in my hands?
  • Where should my city implement a new tramway?
  • How many nursery places are available in my region, in real time?

We're a team of 150 people, of an average age of 33 yo, and more than 25 nationalities represented.

Day by day, we're driven by technological innovation, customer service excellence and team spirit.

What we love @Intersec :

  • Manage tremendous amount of data in real-time
  • Create state-of-the-art solutions that are used worldwide and have a real impact on telecommunications, public safety or city services
  • Provide an excellent customer experience, with agile professional services and customer-centric solutions
  • Nurture our international culture: 97% international clients, 25+ nationalities, 5,000 travels
  • Raising the voice of women in the tech industry because we are committed to improving professional equality between women and men
  • Accomplish new challenges, remain a playful team and share great moments of conviviality together!

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