Customer Experience Strategist & UX Researcher

وصف الوظيفة

About The Job:

We are seeking a Customer Experience Strategist & UX Researcher who excels in utilizing behavioral science, user experience research, and strategic thinking to enhance healthcare services. This role involves mapping out customer journeys, developing personas, and integrating both digital and traditional healthcare channels to provide a seamless patient experience.

What You'll Do:

Customer Journey Mapping & Persona Development: Design comprehensive customer journey maps and develop detailed personas to understand and meet patient needs more effectively.

Strategic Development & Execution: Create and implement strategies that significantly enhance patient engagement and satisfaction within healthcare environments.

Insights to Action: Analyze feedback and performance metrics from patient interactions to identify and implement actionable improvements.

Research Methodologies: Utilize a variety of research techniques including ethnographic studies, usability testing, and surveys to guide enhancements in service delivery.

Omnichannel Experience Design: Integrate digital and traditional communication channels to optimize the patient experience.

Advanced Analytics & AI: Apply advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to refine omnichannel strategies, ensuring effective patient interactions across all platforms.

Service Design Implementation: Develop and execute innovative service design strategies that blend digital solutions with face-to-face interactions to maximize customer engagement.

متطلبات الوظيفة

❏ Minimum 5 years of experience.

❏ Proven experience as a UX Researcher or Customer Experience Strategist, ideally within the healthcare sector.

❏ Strong foundation in behavioral science applications and customer journey mapping.

❏ Experience with omnichannel strategy development and implementation.

❏ Expertise in employing advanced analytics and AI for strategic enhancements.

❏ Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. (Arabic is a Plus)