Engineering Manager

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Stella stays - who are we?

Stella Stays is a prop-tech start-up with a mission to reinvent rental globally and a vision to create the future of living.

We offer beautifully designed, thoughtfully equipped, tech-enabled residences, and a seamless digital guest experience.

Established in 2019, Stella Stays is present and growing rapidly in major cities across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Europe and North America. Our proprietary technology empowers unmatched efficiency across real estate supply growth, interior design, pricing, economics, bookings, guest service, and property management.

Stella Stays is the winner of:

  • 2022 Gulf Business Award for "Proptech Company of The Year"
  • 2021 Stevie Awards for the “Most Innovative Tech Start-up of The Year” and “Innovative Achievement in Sales” for our technology and revenue generation strategy respectively.

At Stella Stays, you will:

We are seeking a dynamic Engineering Lead to lead and grow our engineering team. As the Engineering Lead, you will be responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of high-quality software products, driving technical innovation and ensuring the team operates efficiently.

Results & Data/Outcome driven Mindset:

  • You take ownership of each Domain outcomes through sprint deliveries and are accountable for all work aspects of the domain
  • You balance product and engineering work, while driving efficiency
  • You consistently strive for the highest standards from your teams and guide them through the process. You raise the bar for the quality of products, services and processes you are responsible for.
  • You know the key metrics your work is impacting (business and tech). You know how the change of one metric impacts others, how they are measured and where the numbers are coming from
  • You know the current state of business in each domain, know and check how key metrics are impacting the business and know how those metrics can move the needle
  • You use your knowledge and continuously work with your peers to bring improvements in working culture of your team

Ownership & Commitment:

  • You encourage & drive Squad ceremonies as a leader
  • You lead the mid/long-term Tech Org strategy
  • You work with other engineering and product teams to make sure our product remains spotless (eg. drive dependency resolution process + incident management)
  • You push for technical excellence, but remain pragmatic to deliver customer value. You’re not done until the value is in customer hands
  • You are always around and approachable for your team and those working around you

Customer & Business Value Obsession:

  • You are the example of customer obsession within your team and peers and help those around you get there
  • You drive the discovery process alongside your Leads and PMs, and co-own the product artifacts (eg. domain backlog)
  • You make sure that everybody in the team knows the tech & product goals and strives to achieve them
  • You help the teams to read metrics as a proxy for customer value and measure teams effectiveness)
  • You protect the Squads’ bandwidth (delivery vs other aspects of the job balance)
  • You initiate and maintain continuous customer relationships with you and your leads
  • You have bias for action and understand that most actions are reversible - you encourage teams to think lean
  • You will be responsible for identifying gaps in implemented processes and fix them with the help of your peers

Continuous Growth & Feedback Culture:

  • You instill discipline within the team to attend agreed ceremonies and deliver what is requested from them - big and small things, with focus on outcome
  • You are an example of user-centric approach and instill it within the team
  • You raise the bar for the Squad and always look for better ways to do things
  • You continuously ensure that the squads take cultural improvements seriously and work upon it
  • You raise the bar for the team and yourself. You never settle and always look for better ways to do things
  • You question yourself and provide candid feedback to your teams. You measure yourself and others against the best in the industry
  • You know how you want your squads to work and behave in 6 to 12 months and what they will achieve. You will close this gap by growing and coaching your team individuals or asking for the best talent to get there
  • You help your reports with growth and feedback. You ensure 1:1s and monthly connections are happening between you and them.
  • You define the boundaries of your team’s autonomy and understand the constraints

Retention Culture:

  • You are the guardian of the culture & team dynamics / morale
  • You ensure that everybody in your team knows how to challenge each other and nudge each other to get to the next level
  • You know the strengths of your people and create opportunities for them to constantly grow
  • You help your people use their strengths to the fullest and develop the best
  • You can create a success plan for yourself and your reports (what is their path and how they are going to get there with measurable and achievable milestones)
  • You earn your reports’ and peers' trust by influence, not authority
  • You trust and rely on your team and have open debates about decisions
  • You are obsessed with success of your reportees and make them want to follow you

Technical & Product Excellence:

  • You make sure that engineering practices & procedures are followed
  • You push for technical excellence, but remain pragmatic to deliver customer value in small batches. There is no half done stuff, once done I can forget about it
  • You evangelize best engineering practices & coach the teams on practical application
  • You are right, a lot. You have a strong judgment. You seek other perspectives and help your team find the best solution while making sure you still empower them
  • You understand the bigger picture of your product area and can dive deep into the source of problems
  • You expect innovation and invention from your team. You help them become obsessed with simplification.
  • You know what is state of the art in the industry and know what to use and when. You also know that the newest tech is no silver bullet but sometimes it's worth the investment.


  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer with 3+ years of experience in a management role
  • Experience leading an engineering team that delivers high-quality products
  • Strong technical expertise with a deep understanding of modern software development practices and technologies
  • Experience with Agile development methodologies
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Experience with hiring and developing engineers
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver complex projects on time and within budget
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure is a plus
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field

If you are a motivated and innovative Engineering Lead with a passion for delivering high-quality products, please apply.