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About Nexus Climate

At Nexus Climate, we work with innovators to create and nurture the best solutions on the planet for the planet. The impact of climate change, with rising temperatures and increasingly frequent extreme weather events has become ever more evident in recent years. The climate transition is the biggest economic opportunity for the decades ahead. The companies that will shape this future are being formed, now.

At the core of Nexus Climate is the Venture Studio, which creates and builds venture-scale, deep tech climate startups. We act as an institutional co-founder for scientists, inventors, engineers and innovators to develop breakthrough climate technologies. The Studio is run with small cohorts of founders focused around predefined, specific problems and opportunity areas to ensure hands-on, intensive involvement throughout the process, maximize synergies and optimize the probability of success.

Our Focus

The first Dubai-based Venture Studio cohort is centred around the built environment. We looking to start in Q4;

Our particular areas of interest are:

-Low carbon Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) alternatives

-OPC production process with (near) zero energy emissions

-Low carbon concrete or concrete alternatives

-Construction robotics

AI solutions for structural and architectural design aimed at reducing the amount of construction materials required

But if you are working on other impactful climate solutions in the built environment, we’d still love to hear from you.

About The Role

You will join Nexus Climate as a paid Founder in Residence in the Venture Studio, working alongside the Nexus Climate team to bring your solution from idea to implementation. The program consists of an initial 3 month intensive evaluation period to identify those ideas and founders with high potential to become venture scale solutions. Those selected will progress to a further 9 month period during which the solution is further developed, with Nexus Climate acting as an institutional co-founder. Solutions are spun-off at the pre-seed stage with an investment in the most promising start-ups.

Participants in the cohort will navigate through various stages, from ideation to establishing your startup through validation and market engagement:

Innovation and Product Development: You will identify and evaluate opportunities for innovation within the built environment, develop or refine product ideas, build prototypes, and validate your solutions with potential users.

Business Strategy Formation: You'll craft a comprehensive business case, including market analysis, financial projections, and competitive positioning, validating the product-market fit and strategizing market entry.

Leadership and Team Building: Within Nexus Climate, you'll work with a team dedicated to realizing your vision, collaborating with engineers, designers, and environmental experts to devise sustainable solutions.

Funding is provided throughout the Founder in Residence program, subject to progressing through various stage gates, testing for ongoing viability of the solution. Upon spin-off, the most promising startups will receive investment funding from Nexus Climate .

About You

We are seeking individuals with big ideas: scientists, engineers, inventors and innovators passionate about climate and sustainability, with keen insights into the built environment's challenges and opportunities. Whether you are a seasoned business leader with startup experience or a scientist with a proven record of technical innovation, we invite you to express your interest.

All ideal participants will demonstrate:

An in-depth understanding of the scientific and/or technical landscape surrounding their proposed solution and clear idea how their solution fulfils an unmet need

A robust entrepreneurial spirit and experience in initiating or significantly contributing to innovative science and/or technology focused projects

Expertise or a keen interest in sustainable technologies, green building practices, or environmental science

The ability to lead and rally a team, attract talent, and articulate a compelling vision

Technical Founders: Your background is rooted in science, engineering, or product innovation, with a significant portion of your career dedicated to either sustainability initiatives, technology development or cutting-edge research. As a founder, your path showcases a deep-seated dedication to the climate transition. The leadership skills you've cultivated, refined through the challenges and successes of entrepreneurial initiatives, equip you to inspire teams and align stakeholders with a common, impactful vision for a sustainable future.

Experienced Business Founders: You will have a solid foundation in engineering, science or technology focused businesses, underpinned by years of experience in technology, product or commercial leadership. Your journey should reflect a strong entrepreneurial drive, passion for climate action and a commitment to leveraging technology for environmental sustainability. You will have honed your leadership qualities over time, enabling you to motivate teams and stakeholders toward a shared vision.

Why Build a Startup with Nexus Climate?

Working with Nexus Climate positions you at the heart of a dynamic team dedicated to making a significant impact on addressing climate change. We understand the complexities involved in launching a climate-tech venture—from ideation to market entry, from funding to regulation. Our founders have firsthand experience in overcoming these hurdles, successfully starting and leading initiatives that address critical environmental issues.

The Nexus Climate Venture Studio offers a pathway to speed up the startup journey, eliminating obstacles and providing comprehensive support to transform visionary ideas into market-ready solutions.

Opportunity Summary

Foundational Ownership: Become the founder of your own startup, with a majority equity share, and drive the new startup's direction.

Collaborative Partnership: Work in a true partnership atmosphere with an experienced, supportive, flexible, and innovative team.

Best Launchpad: Access to world-class input through the Nexus team and an exclusive network of industry leaders, advisors, companies, executives, VCs, and institutional funds.

Nexus Climate champions diversity and inclusion, welcoming candidates of any race, colour, religion, gender, and other characteristics to join our mission. If you're driven to use technology for a sustainable future and have transformative ideas for the built environment, we invite you to express your interest.