Real Estate Marketing Specialist - Marketing & Social Media Expertise

وصف الوظيفة

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in marketing and social media marketing, particularly within the real estate sector. They should possess a comprehensive understanding of marketing channels and strategies, with a focus on media experience and content creation.

إمتيازات الوظيفة

Interesting job in a large, steadily growing company

Ambitious goals and opportunities to realize your knowledge and experience

Official UAE employment status

Medical Insurance

Work schedule 6/1

متطلبات الوظيفة

1. Understanding Projects: Thoroughly comprehend the details of various real estate projects to effectively market them.

2. Ad Placement: Identify strategic locations and platforms to advertise properties, ensuring maximum visibility and reach.

3. Collaboration: Work closely with the CEO, the designated liaison, to align marketing strategies with organizational goals. Collaborate seamlessly with both CEO and Tech teams to achieve desired outcomes.

4. Communication: Exhibit excellent communication skills, particularly in bridging cultural gaps as the preferred candidate will be of Chinese or Indian descent.

5. Marketing Expertise: Demonstrate proficiency in diverse marketing channels, utilizing them effectively to promote real estate offerings.


1. Experience: Minimum 1 year of experience in the Dubai real estate market, with a total of 3+ years in marketing roles.

2. Social Media Mastery: Strong command over social media platforms and strategies, leveraging them for impactful marketing campaigns.

3. Content Creation: Ability to create engaging content tailored to different platforms and target audiences.

4. Collaborative Skills: Proven ability to work harmoniously with cross-functional teams, particularly with Tamara and Mira Tech, to achieve common objectives.

5. Analytical Thinking: Capacity to analyse market trends, consumer behaviour, and campaign performance metrics to optimize marketing strategies.

6. Adaptability: Thrive in a dynamic work environment, with the flexibility to adapt to evolving marketing landscapes and project requirements.

7. Understanding of Marketing Channels: Proficiency in various marketing channels, including online, influencer marketing, and traditional avenues