Material Planning Officer - Air Arabia

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Date: 29 May 2024

Company: Air Arabia PJSC (G9)

Location: Sharjah, AE

Country: AE

Job Purpose

To plan the provision of routing and contingency aircraft spare parts and material. Ensures cost-effective planning of both scheduled and unscheduled procurement demands raised by the Technical Management in line with Company’s standards and adopted procedures.

Key Result Responsibilities

  • Evaluates Recommended Spares Provisioning List (RSPL) and related Maintenance Planning documents to meet the target process time and carry out initial provisioning of spares and equipment for addition of new / leased aircrafts/components based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, experience and available or critical/AOG requirement.
  • Analyses and reports on inventory trends/activities of all aircraft end use spares together with Stores Supervisor and Finance team to establish inventory values as active, inactive or obsolete inventory. Analyses and reports on inventory trends/activities of all aircraft end use spares to identify non-moving/slow moving spares, interchangeability and aircraft efficiency.
  • Effectively manages float levels of the Rotables and safety stock replenishments levels for expendables & consumables using agreed planning methods and policies with pool providers and vendors to maintain the optimum inventory. Monitors the core return process and liaises with Rotables Controller team to close all exchange orders and repair orders in the company inventory and logistics system.
  • Evaluates the reliability figures, such as achieved MTBUR, scrap rate, etc. in consultation with engineering/planning to establish /adjust float level for addition/depletion of Rotables spares required to achieve the service levels to support dispatch reliability.
  • Evaluates maintenance schedules, modification programs including SBs/Eos and special projects, and utilizes historical data, system reports and Stakeholders’ input to analyze the purchase, exchange, repair, loan and warranty orders and prepares monthly planning for the procurement and repair processes.
  • Conducts analysis to offer clarification for any queries raised by suppliers, stores and / or other Engineering Sections referring to various related documents such as Illustrated Parts Catalogues ( IPC), Service Bulletins ( SBs), Reliability Reports, historical data, parts interchangeability and aircraft efficiency.
  • Collaborates with Technical Services to identify the parts/components service life and decide on the provision of the kits and consumables for the modification, reconfiguration and product improvement projects. Ensures all the technical procurement requirements are been identified, categorized and planned timely and cost-effectively in line with business needs, company’s defined measures and Airbus approved specifications.
  • Evaluates consumption figures and lead time against fleet size and budgeted inventory plan, in coordination with maintenance planning to establish/adjust stock levels of consumable/expendable spares required to achieve service levels to support dispatch reliability.
  • Release requisitions for procurement to meet the target process times and to stock policy minimizing critical/AOG requirements. Monitors and controls the inventory replenishment with minimum stock level of parts through proper planning considering the turnaround time needed for purchasing/repair action.
  • Assists the Manager in preparing budget and forecasting cost estimates for both routine and non-routine needed items based on operational requirements, and stock/inventory data.
  • Monitors the critical components and trends of defects to plan for replacements within agreed timeframes and avoid AOG situations; handles ad-hoc technical requirements based on situation and need.
  • Liaises with Engineering and Maintenance teams to identify any new requirements and plans the purchase/lease/loan accordingly.
  • Progress chases outstanding purchase orders and updates the details regularly to avoid generating AOG orders according to forecast and required parts.

Qualifications (Academic, Training, Languages)

  • Bachelor’s degree in management or equivalent from a recognized university; alternately, a higher diploma or certificate in the related field from a recognized university or engineering college combined with the needed experience and exposure.
  • Engineering Inventory Software certificate is a plus.
  • Project Management certificate, or alternately the proven corresponding working experience.
  • Capable of using technology systems & tools; proficient in Microsoft Office skills.
  • Cost Control, Compliance, Budgeting and Quality Assurance trainings are an added value and some may be treated as conditional for this role.
  • Professional membership of associations related to the Aviation/Airlines industry is a plus.
  • Very good written and verbal communication skills: reporting, presentations, etc.
  • Fluent in English Language.

Work Experience

  • 3+ years’ related working experience in the Engineering Department in the Aviation industry; low cost airline is an advantage.
  • Specialized industry knowledge in procurement & inventory management systems, acquisition & Contract management.
  • Possesses appropriate knowledge of the legal requirements of the GCAA.
  • Experienced in Vendor relationship: tender submissions, contracts, and SLAs of technical nature.
  • Developed skills in forecasting and preparing cost-estimates analysis and managing budgets.
  • Experienced in working with a team of professionals (Engineers and Technicians) in a frequently changing environment with heavy work-load schedules and ad-hoc scenarios.
  • High accuracy and attention to both results and details.
  • Proven skills in analyzing data, identifying variations and recommending alternative solutions.
  • Cost-oriented, possesses analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.
  • Ability to use technical expertise, and interpersonal relations to support company’s objectives.
  • Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs.

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