Technical Support Engineer/Customer Support Agent

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Job Description

Technical Support Engineer/Customer Support Agent is responsible for clients I after sales technical support. Such person is responsible to ensure the proper functioning of all vehicles’ tracking systems by keeping continuous contact with the customers.

Major Responsibilities

  • Checking and ensuring the units proper functionality on daily basis.
  • Reporting to the customers if any faulty unit is found.
  • Coordinating with the customers about the vehicles’ availability.
  • Liaising between the customer vehicles’ availability and the technicians’ schedules.
  • Arranging the schedules for the units Maintenance / Removals / Installations / Transfer.
  • Charging the customers for any chargeable activity by referring to the contract.
  • Managing the units’ assignment / deactivation on the system.
  • Ensuring the unit is reporting properly in case any new installation or unit transfer.
  • Reporting to the customer the work done report immediately after any activity done by the technician
  • Troubleshoot the software issues reported by the customers.
  • Reporting to the software developers any related issues that cannot be solved by the customer support agent.
  • Configuring the units based on the installation requirements
  • Troubleshoot the units in case any related issue.
  • Testing any new or existing hardware to meet a specific requirement.
  • Assisting the customers through the phone / Email / Face to face to clear any query.
  • Performing the training sessions to the existing or the new customers.
  • Reporting to the accounts team the chargeable activities done by the technicians.
  • Regularly visiting the customers to build and maintain a strong relationship.
  • Preparing a daily / weekly / Monthly report based on the work requirements and the tasks assignment.
  • New Software Requirements gathering
  • Software testing after implementation.
  • Working in ERP Software (ZOHO) task
  • Communicating with hardware and software team to obtain the needed result.
  • Checking the hardware, providing the idea & details to the development team to implement in the software
  • First level hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Internal/external training based on customer requirement
  • Ability to learn new technologies
  • Handling government portals
  • Ability to learn new software for government project
  • Hands on experience in tracking
  • Final level hardware testing
  • First level device and configuration checking
  • Ability to handle multiple time
  • Knowledge on all the sensors
  • Agility handle government projects.
  • Any other work-related task that may arise as per the HoD instructions.


  • Excellent communication skills both verbal & written.
  • Should have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to organize day to day operational activities.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to manage installation Schedules and Technicians teams.
  • Able to learn new technologies quickly.
  • Demonstrated willingness to keep technical skills and knowledge up to date.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to adapt easily.
  • Ability to prioritize and work around deadlines.
  • Ability to remain professional, confident and patient at all times.
  • Must be a team player, able to work effectively and contribute value with limited direction
  • Strong dedication to customer service.

Minimum Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronics / Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering
  • Experience in Fleet Tracking / GPS will be added advantage

Minimum Experience

  • 02 Years