Supervisor Curriculum Specialist in Business

وصف الوظيفة

Qualifications: Bachelor Degree in subject specialism - essential

Master Degree in Science/Engineering or Education – desirable

Master’s Degree in Educational Field related to Curriculum – desirable

Professional Qualification/Certification- desirable

Teaching Qualification- desirable

Experience Required

3-year experience teaching at secondary level - essential

Experience Of Developing Curricula – Essential

Experience of leading teachers – essential

Repertoire of teaching & learning strategies – essential

Developing formative and summative assessment – essential

Using assessment data to improve teaching – essential

Industrial work experience or training – desirable

Experience of managing educational change – desirable

Use of technology for authoring content, teaching and assessment – desirable

(For applied subjects) Experience of competency-based assessment – desirable

Experience of managing projects and budgets – desirable


Analyze the alignment of objectives, plans, resources and activities

Analyze data on student progress and draw conclusions

Identify key knowledge and skills in curriculum standards

Write precise learning objectives at different levels of cognitive skills

Map learning objectives to sub-objectives and well-designed lessons

Create a coherent learning route through a topic

Designing formative, summative and competency assessment

Develop criteria for evaluating curriculum resources

Plan an effective professional development session

Write well-argued advice on educational issues