Graduate Data Analyst/Scientist

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Skill Farm Members are invited to apply for the following role:


Prototyping and Experimentation

Create prototypes to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed solutions.

Conduct experiments to test hypotheses and refine models, ensuring robustness and scalability.

Conduct customer PoCs

Data Analysis and Modelling

Conduct exploratory data analysis to uncover patterns, trends, and anomalies.

Implement advanced data pre-processing techniques to handle complex and dynamic datasets.

Algorithm Development

Design and implement scalable / dynamic machine learning algorithms for predictive modelling, anomaly detection, classification, and recommendations.

Improve the algorithms to accept the high demand changes of different technologies / data drift.

Develop custom use-cases according to the customer requirements.

Skills & Qualifications:

Proficiency in programming, especially python

Strong background in Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods

Experience in training and debugging ML models

Strong knowledge in deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch)

Processing of complex and large datasets (NumPy, Pandas, Pyspark,..etc)

Data analysis and visualization skills (Powerbi, Tableau,..etc)

Working with cloud native software and tools (Docker, Kubernetes,..)

Familiarity with Big Data tools and platforms (Spark, Hadoop,...etc)

Presentation and storytelling skills

Communication and collaboration skills